Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dave Hoover 1971

Dave Hoover 1971, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.


24-HOUR-MAN said...

I wonder if the cigar is lit???? What do you think Mr. Cole????

Anonymous said...

Looks like a little bit of gray ash
on the end of the cigar. I always enjoyed watching Dave sitting in the cage on a chair reading the newspaper and smoking a cigar when he was breaking in 2 new lion cubs. That was in 1964.
Also, no one has commented on Clyde's door cat, who charged the cage door after Clyde threw the whip and chair at him. I think that this was one of the greatest bits of showmanship that anyone ever did.
Also, the first time I saw Clyde, was on the Johnny Jones carnival. Subsequently I saw him in 1948 and later on his railroad show and later on CBCB.
He was the ultimate showman!!!

Anonymous said...

Still a familiar sight during my time with Dave, in '80 & '81--Hoover in some of his happiest moments, with his cigar and making re-loads.

To Bob Kitto: Mr. Beatty's door bounce, in 1964, was the impressive and reliable Pharoah. Always good for a great finish. TCM just re-ran RING OF FEAR Friday night, and there are fine shots of Beatty and his door lion of 1954.

Anonymous said...

For all the years I knew Hoover, I can't remember if that cigar was ever lit! When I married his head cage man - Ned Potter, I smoked cigarettes and I switched to MORE cigarettes - little cigs wrapped in brown paper resembling a small cigar - just to aggravate Hoover! He wasn't ready to have a "girl" on his crew, let alone one who smoked a "cigar!"
Cindy Potter

Anonymous said...

To Cindy: Right. But once you got on his crew, you worked as hard as any guy he ever had. Hoover came around pretty quick, and a lot of smiles disappeared from seasoned veterans.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to George Scott?
As I remember he spent all of his pay in the blue room with Banjo.