Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daniel Suskow #1

Daniel Suskow.1, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

The pictures of Daniel Suskow come from his recent appearance at the Museum of the Circus and Illusion.


Anonymous said...

I met Daniel Suskow in Europe several years ago when he visited Louie Knie's show. He was most complimentary of the cage act I was working (credit to Jim Clubb, of course). He brought along several photo albums, and we had the nicest visit as we looked through them. I was so impressed with his kind, polite manner. I've always had a thing for lions, and was thrilled with the photos of his lion act, there were eight, I think.

When I came back to Japan, I was excited to find John Illig had a video of this act. It was the best lion act I've seen. I'm a fan. ;-) If anyone has pictures of his lion act, I'd be very glad to see them.

Anonymous said...

Worked on RBBB with Daniel and he was always pleasent to be around. He told me he started with a group of lions that his father trained, so this may be the act that you are refering to Pat. I also saw some of those photo's and beleive you are correct in it being an eight male lion act.