Friday, October 19, 2007

Black Diamond #3

Scan000010338, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

1900 Imported from Hagenbeck Zoo
1900-14 Various Gentry Bros. Circus Units
1914 Sold to Wm. P. Hall
1915 Barton & Bailey Circus (Leased from Hall)
1916 Wheeler Bros. Circus
1917-18 R.T. Richards Circus
1919 Returns to Hall
1920-24 Atterbury Bros. Circus
1925-26 Monroe Bros. Circus (Albert Cauble)
1927 Wilson's Greater Shows
1928-29 Al G. Barnes Circus


Anonymous said...

As he was imported from the Hagenbeck Zoo and not India, shall we assume he was not small when he arrived? Does anyone have an idea of his age in 1900?

Don Bloomer

Buckles said...

Not over 35, if that.