Tuesday, August 21, 2007

King & Tucker Shows 1910 #1

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Anonymous said...

Sorry not about photo.
Did culpepper-Merriweather close early or going close eary? just like to know.

Anonymous said...

This show was out from 1908 to 1912.

Anonymous said...

A few other shows that Elmer H. Jones (E. H.) had on the road were:

Jones Bros. Circus 1900 - 1904
Indian Bill's Wild West 1903
Jones Enormous Shows 1906
King & Tucker Circus 1908 -1912
Jones Bros Buffalo Ranch Wild West
1910- 1911
Cole & Rogers Circus 1911
Jones Bros. Circus 1911-1915
Jones Bros and Wilson's Circus 1914
Cole Bros. Circus 1916- 1917
Cooper Bros. Circus 1916 - 1917
Hugo Bros Circus 1917- 1918
Cole & Rogers Circus 1928 - 1931
Cooper Bros Circus & Wyoming
Bill's Wild West 1936 - 1937

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Nope Culpepper still open as of today, with no signs of folding soon.

Anonymous said...

Culpepper and Merriweather Circus will be in Tremont, Ill, Thursday, Aug 23rd. This is just outside of Peoria. Skeeter the clown has been visiting schools and businesses . The Kiwanis is sponsoring the show. There will be a tent raising and tour at 9:30 and two shows.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Casey

Anonymous said...

Somebody ought to comment on that nice 68 sheet stand of paper. Very nicely done.

Notice that the name of the town does not appear on the paper- with the possible exception of a stenciled-in town on that one-sheet date up at the top center.

This means that the show just got booked (one assumes by H J Williams) and the billposters went right to work.

Lots of shows used to work such a tight schedule that there just wasn't time to order paper giving the town's name.

Sometimes the paper just said "Here."

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, November 2, 1909.

Anonymous said...

The lack of a date sheet could mean that the show wasn't having them printed, thereby saving on an expense. The fact that even a mighty two-car show would erect this great stand is testimony to the importance of lithography to circuses in their heyday. It also says that attendance was a local phenomenon---"here." The fact that the paper edges are perfectly horizontal and vertical, and that it looks pleasing also says something about the skill of the men who posted it.