Friday, August 31, 2007

Assorted elephant pictures #5

Marvin 12-24-51 on back, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Written on the back:
"Marvin Dec. 24, 1951."

The big elephant is "Feida" and the punk is either "Dorothy" or "Elizabeth". The James M. Cole Circus having closed the previous year, this was now an independent elephant act. Buckles


Anonymous said...

Buckles, This Frieda looks like the same old girl that went by the way of the Hagen show then Sells Bros little Bobs show. If so, she pulled our rigs off a few bad lots in the 60s ?

Buckles said...

Hi Jimmy, it's the same old cow.

1923-24 LaMont Bros. Circus
1925 Frank J. Taylor Circus
1926-32 LaMont Bros. Shows
1933-43 Barnett/Wallace Bros. Circus
1944-45 Sello Bros. Circus
1946-50 James M. Cole Circus
1951-57 James Cole Independent Act
1958-61 Hagen Bros. Circus
1962-64 Sells Bros. Circus
1965 Birnam Bros. Circus
(Died in quarters 1965)