Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Great American Circus 1985 #2

Scan10104, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Chico and Karen Lowande present "Janet", "Kelly" and "Irene".
Mr. Williams has gone on to become a long standing Staff Member of Ken & Nicole Entertainment and I have it on the best of authority, stands on a first name basis with Tim Holst.


Anonymous said...

I originally put this three act together from the Hoxie herd to go to Venezuala for Jimmy Harrington.They were a super three act that did a fine routine and would become the Great American herd.

I always referred to working them like driving a Cadillac as opposed to a Model T and once again would remark that Janet was the be4st lead elephant I ever had and all three could step right out. Sadly Janet got tough, from what it seems various reasons and Kelly was electrocuted accidentally and poor Irene now is sadly wasting her time in the Albuquerque zoo.Irene did have a litle jackrabbit in her, but not serious and she pretty much got over it. But, what nice three elephants they were at the time. Too bad.

It seemed that The male Hoxie just had a turnover of too many Captains and of course being an African did not allow for too many options, but for the general routine with me he was OK and of course impressive. I doubt if he would have turned out any other way over the period of time. I believe Johnny Walker broke Janet and Kelly to work in harness and the did very well. I first used Janet as a ride elephant and she did fine. Three nice elephants to say the least and give them their due.