Friday, July 20, 2007

From Bob Cline #1

Zoo 1, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Here are two postcards I picked up a couple weekends ago when we went to Charlotte to visit with Randy Peterson and family. They were issued by the New York Zoological Park and copyrighted - New York Zoological Society but offer no year. Good photos. Perhaps our Zoo employed readers have a better knowledge of their timeframe.


Anonymous said...

Richard Reynolds says - -

This is “Gunda,” the first elephant in the Bronx zoo. He had been wild caught in Assam and arrived at the zoo in July 2, 1904. Like many Asian males he started out as quite docile. The zoo used him to give rides to the public. Then came musth and he could no longer be trusted. In 1913 he nearly killed keeper Walter Thurman. From that point on, the zoo kept him chained inside the elephant house.

The zoo felt that was not good for Gunda’s health. Besides it made a bad exhibit. So, the zoo sent for famed big game hunter Carl Akeley. He brought his elephant gun with him and “euthanized” Gunda on June 21, 1915.