Thursday, June 07, 2007

To Henry Penndorf

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Referring to my handy, dandy notebook I came up with this list for the 1955 Ringling elephant herd.
The number in the show was "Mamas in the Park" which I have shown numerous pictures of on the Blog (little elephants in baby carriages).
Elephants are listed in order of their seniority with the show. #22-28 are the seven punks added in 1953 "The Seven Wonders" and #29-48 are the twenty trained the previous winter by Louis Reed and Smokey Jones.
Hugo Schmitt only presented the finished product in the ring since he had returned to the show with the understanding that he wouldn't have to be involved with overall operation.
Baptiste Schreiber arrived with elephants #49-50-51 arrived just prior to departure from Sarasota, bringing the herd to 51.
The final elephant, "Louie" an African (name later changed to Diamond) was delivered to the show while playing Detroit in July.
I might add that three more older elephants were left in Sarasota, "Ringling Jennie", "Eva" and "Wallace Jewel" making a grand total of 55.



don't know if it's just me but all the post have like the last 3 words of each line blocked out by the border. casey

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The "Mysore" it lists, isn't the same "Mysore" that Tony Diano had, is it?

Buckles said...

No it isn't.
Louis Reed seemed to like that name.
He placed it on three elephants that he trained, the first with the Dailey Show in 1948, the second with Hamid-Morton in 1949 (later to Diano)and the last with RBBB in 1954.

Anonymous said...

Something fritzed a previous effort, so as I was saying: In re the "Park" specs, we have "Picnic in the Park" in GSOE. There is a reference to Harold Ronk being Ringmaster/Soloist as far back as '51, when the film was shot, but it isn't his voice we hear. Years later, I was told it is Norman Carroll doing the singing, and upon asking Harold himself, he became rather vague and the discussion segued to other things. Who knows the story of our singer for the movie? Eric, maybe you know about this.

Ryan Easley said...

If the "Seven Wonders" Rani was sold to Mexico with four others, was the Blue Unit Rani listed here under a different name?