Wednesday, June 20, 2007

From Wayne Jackson

Indira 001, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

G’day Buckles,

Since you have had a few photos from the Carson and Barnes Circus lately, I thought you and everyone else might be interested in knowing that one of their females started her time in North America at a Canadian Zoo! Back in I believe ’81 I was visiting the Kelly Miller show north of Toronto and got talking to the show manager, he told me that he was sent up to the Ontario Zoological Park (north of Toronto at Wasaga Beach) to pick up an Asian elephant back in the mid ‘70’s, most likely ‘74

Maharani Indiri (Indi)- Indian female

-Born July 11/64

-Origin- Her Mother was caught in the Mysore Roundup, India

-Arrived Oct. 15/64

-Sold to the Carson and Barnes Circus

-Name changed to Alta


Anonymous said...

Wayne, is "Alta" still owned by Carson & Barnes.