Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"George" #2 (From Richard Flint)

Dan Rice 1937 eles001, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

I've not seen many photos of the 1937 Dan Rice show and so here are
two photos of the elephants on the show that season. The tusker looks
pretty old and the middle bull in the group shot of three has some
kind of cyst near its left eye.

"In 1937 the Cole Show left four elephants in the barn "George", "Barney", "Alice" and "Culver". The two males and one of the females were booked out for the summer as seen in your picture.
"George" in the foreground would have been in his latter teens at this point. That's a tumor on the females face, this can happen to underweight elephants from sleeping on hard surfaces and usually appear on the cheek bone, shoulder or hip. When about the size of a golf ball you can tighten a rubber band around them and they fall off, if neglected they will grow large but can still be easily removed. One of the Ringling elephants in my charge "Rebecca" had one this size on her left knee cap and Dr. Laughlin simply cut an "x" in it, peeled back the four corners like an orange, removed the innards and stitched the skin back." Buckles


GaryHill said...

Capt, I remember that mass in her knee weighted 8lbs.