Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sid Kellner Elephants #7

Mr. Kellner called me in October of 1976 saying the three elephants were for sale so I talked with Kenneth Feld and they made a deal.
I sent Gary Jacobson up to the show and he brought them back to the Ringling Park.
Here they are with new names "Sid", "Louie" and "Juno" making the march in Portland, Ore. in 1978 with the Blue Show with "Major" and "Charlie" behind them.
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Anonymous said...

Buckles: How about telling us which old name was changed to which new one. I'm guessing Sue became Sid, Lovie became Louie and Jackie became Juno???

Also: I met Sid Kellner in 1964 and he had just one young elephant at the time- I gather above that this was before Lovie arrived, who was this elephant and what happened to her?

Buckles said...

You hit the nail on the head.
The 1964 elephant would be "Ellie" seen in picture #6 across from "Anna May".

CJ said...


I joined Sid's show in 1975. Pancho Magana had the elephants. Are these the same ones?

Cheryl Jones

Buckles said...

Hi Cheryl,
Yes the same ones.