Sunday, May 20, 2007

From Hal Guyon #1

wom-88, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Buckles, I found these pictures of Teddy & the female Japina (Jap) in my files, you may have seen them, but thought you might be interested. Don`t know the year these were taken, but it was on the old World of Mirth Shows.

Hal Guyon

"I feel sure this is 1941, the elephant man is Henry Clay." Buckles

1925 Rosa's Midgets "Toy Town" N.Y. Hippodrome
1926-30 Downie Bros. Circus (Andrew Downie)
1931-36 Downie Bros. Circus (Chas. Sparks)
1937-38 Kay Bros. Circus (Wm. Ketrow)
1939-41 World of Mirth Shows (Shot in 1941)


Anonymous said...

Good looken Elephant - those Tusks match SO perfectly & kinda looks a bit or kin-like to Anna May .