Thursday, March 08, 2007

To Cindy Potter

This is Circus World Feb. 4, 1974, the day we arrived from Venice with the first 17 elephants:
Anna May, Peggy, Rose, Manja, Rebecca, Gilda, Carmen, Mudu, Zina, Tagu, Minyak, Mala, Sophie, Barbara, Babe, Josky and Hope.
The Park opened Feb. 21 and two days later I took delivery on "Bonnie" an African and then on July 21, an Asian male "Hugo" from the Jacksonville Zoo.
(Gary Hill can fill in the background on these last two elephants.)
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GaryHill said...

Ya know Capt I made both walks, from Winter Quarters and then to Circus World then I took off to New Jersey to Great Adventure Safari Park and the trip to Africa to bring back the 25 Africans. Gosh, I spent my 21st birthday in Uganda and my 54th will be on the 16th of March! I hate growing up!

Anonymous said...

As long as you love and believe in the Circus you'll never grow up! And I mean that in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

Gary: I spent my 21st on Cole and Walters Circus in Montana and my 54th has been so damn long ago that I forget where I was.

Anonymous said...

You will always be my "BABE" Gary. LOV YA

Anonymous said...

Thanks SSOOO much, Buckles! Now the memories begin...
I remember going up to the walkin fridge near the concessions stand in the "Big Top" every morning and loading up a crate of bread, and sweet potatoes for Mudu. You were concerned that she was loosing weight, so she got extra rations each morning! I'd unchain her back leg so she could move up a little and the other bulls wouldn't get her food! Tagu was ssooo adorable. Her back legs were sort of "knock-knee'd" and her ears flopped forward more than usual. She was like a cartoon character!
Anyway those were the days...remember when I was feeding Benny's horse Turk and I slipped and cut my left boob and my right hand??? Of course all the guys wanted to see my "stitches!!!" I was changing into my khakis in the bunk-house restroom one morning right after that, and Scott Riddle walked in on me. HE WAS SSSOO EMBARRASSED, but we all got to joke about the fact that he saw my stitches!!!!!
I wouldn't have traded those days for ANYTHING!!!

Thanks again!!

Cindy Potter

Anonymous said...

Cindy, a funny story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Way to go "NO BEEMS". Like I have always said, most of the real funny stuff happened around all us shit shovelers. Not that stitches in the BEEMS is funny. I found a pair of false teeth under my bed once.

Anonymous said...

Richard Reynolds asks - -

Didn't Hugo go on to breeding fame with either the RBBB place or Portland zoo?

Which one was sent to Portland with the idea that the first born offspring would go to RBBB?

I think a calf did come come to RBBB in the deal - -was he Sabu? Last I heard he was a huge and tough animal, living out his days as a sort of rogue in Williston. The last year he was on RBBB the show modified a stock car to lower the floor so as to accomodate his height.

I seem to recall that at Portland, Hugo had a door slammed on his trunk resulting in part of it being severed.

Anonymous said...

Better than finding a pair of false teeth in your BEEMS!!
Cindy Potter