Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sam LeFleur pictures #1 (From Lori Gilbert)

Sending more pics of my Grandfather. I'll have a few more coming in a little bit.
One of them, I think will be very big and I can never remember what the max is on Yahoo.
These are all reg photos and one cut-out from a magazine. That one is poor quality...ripped, writing
all over it and stained from the tape he used from his older book.
It's a parade in Maine, 1923. I think someone sent some of these to him because it doesn't look
like his writing. The guy on the second elephant has an arrow pointing at him. I'm not sure if that's
supposed to be him or not. It's just not a good photo. Since it looks so bad you don't have to post it,
I just thought you might enjoy it.
The next one is Sam in Lakewood Ohio, dated 1935.
Next one, written on the back, George & Sam on Pitt. No date on this. (photo in bad shape & my grandfather is seated on the elephant)
The last one said Cole Bros. and dated 1933 i think. As far as i know i don't think my Grandfather was in this one.
I'll get the others scanned and send those out later today or tomorrow. (i might leave work early if
the snows getting bad)
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Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying this family history saga. Would this have ever happened without the BLOG? It is amazeing what you can learn about family you never knew that had a very interesting background like yours. Having the pictures to share is a real gem. Thanks