Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lee Bros. Circus 1946 #1

"Trenton, Nebraska July 6, 1946. Zingaro's novelty truck (panel) in foreground. Truck at right had light plant in rear end and also loaded the horses and ponies."

The remarks in quotations are from the back of each picture and I'm sure came from my father's good friend Joe Fleming. I am assuming that the show was still owned by the Atterbury family.
The marquee is half the size of the big top which is about a 60 with two 20's.
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Anonymous said...

Center poles inside the ring(s)?

Buckles said...

Could be. It has been done.

Anonymous said...

Matter of fact, Carson & Barnes several years ago shortened its tent and put center poles in Rings 1 and 5. A sketch of the arrangement by CFA member Earl Finger of St. Louis appeared that year in White Tops. Last year, of course, C&B shrank further to three rings. Still a great traditional mud show performance (minus only the cats and with a further down-sized elephlant herd).

Anonymous said...

I believe a round end sixty ft. top would call for thirty ft. middles. Actually a sixty ft. top, the round end would be thirty foot arond to the guy lines from the
bail ring. Hope I am making sense.