Friday, February 23, 2007

From Dave Price

Here we see Bud E Anderson with his herd of eight at Yates Center, Kansas in the late thirties or early forties. I would assume those on the left end would include the three he bought from Cole Bros- Modoc, Judy and Empress and probably Babe from the Mix show. And I imagine the youngsters include India and Bonnie? That's just six- There was an Eva over there too. Obviously I need some expert help with this list.

Who's that in the necktie?


"This is 1939 and the elephant at left is "Gentry Babe" next is "Eva" purchased from Max Gruber, you are right the following three "Modoc", "Empress" and "Judy" came from Zack Terrell and the final three were imported, the first two are "Bonnie" and "India" but the third died the first season and I have never been able to come up with a name.
"Babe" and "Eva" had indeed been with the Tom Mix Circus 1935 thru 38.
The man with the tie is Mac MacDonald, having just come from the Ringling Show where he was Larry Davis' First Assistant on elephants and left with Davis with the advent of Walter McLain and the Barnes herd in the Fall of 1938."
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Anonymous said...

Who's dog on the elephants head?

GaryHill said...

OK whats the dogs name?

Anonymous said...

I thought that looked like Mack but I don't know much about his career prior to when he broke that act of youngsters for Big Bob Stevens- the act that eventually became the Oscar Cristiani act.

Bearded Lady said...

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Anonymous said...

I think it is just wonderful that teachers show the real elephant world from real elephant lovers and handlers. Not that fairytale crap carol buckley does at her show and tell. She never tells the kids how many humans these elephants have killed that are at her place. Not blaming the elephants here. Thats just the way it is. These elephants are not all kissy face. These animals in the wrong hands are very dangerous. But we all know this and who has the wrong hands and mental state to handle these huge elephants. I would rename her place "ELEPHANT FANTASY LAND". Where elephants live ALL natural "having their meals delivered by 4 wheelers is "natural". I don't think "NATURAL" means the same thing to carol buckley. Some one there needs a reaility check. Just like I need spell check!!

Anonymous said...

While I am on that subject. When and where and what elephants did Scott Blais train as mentioned in the news paper the Tennessen, What is a " Totally Fractured Elephant?" Why does"Billie" still wear a chain? Because they can not get close enought to get it off. What Federal Agent told carol buckley JCs barn was not fit for elephants? It worked for 40 years. Why do these reporters believe these people? Bet she is SOOOO pissed that JC donated not only NIC and GYP but money to support them. I wonder what she will come up with next!! PMS went no where. NIC gets a million dollar barn all for just him and GYP. I really like the photos where buckley is examaning the elephants. She is a vet?What is also amazing is sooo many people will believe this crap she puts out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dutchess!
Tell me how you REALLY feel?
Cindy Potter