Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cole Bros. Circus cages 1935-36 #7

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Anonymous said...

Richard Reynolds says - -

Interesting title on the sideboard. But Cole never had a "Saddle back " tapir, best known as the Malayan tapir. They are very striking with their almost pure white "saddle" over the jet black body.

I first saw Malayan tapirs (2 of them) in the the National zoo in Washington in 1947. They were laying down in their enclosure inside the impressive large mammal house. At first glace I thought that I was looking at giant pandas, so strking was their black and white coloration.

The last Malayan tapir on a circus of which I can find evidence was on RBBB in 1930. Eddie Jackson took a pic of one in Sarasota quarters. I think there may have been some on either John Robinson or Sells Floto in the late '20s.