Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cole Bros. Circus cages 1935-36 #4

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Anonymous said...

This is a typical example of the Cages that Tom Tucker built at South Houston for the Christy show during the winter of 1924-25 and most of which came to the new Cole show prior to the 1935 opening season. They were perfect for housing Clyde Beatty's new act.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering Dave if you knew what happen to Tom Tucker after Christy folded in 1930? He was with the Corp.shows in the early 20's on Howes' and then Gollmar in 22' as lot susp.and wagon builder. I guess that is where he learned how to build wagons with interchangable parts.

Anonymous said...

Pete: I wish I did know if he was on other shows after Christy but I can't come up with a thing. Good question though and maybe some other reader will respond.