Thursday, February 08, 2007

Christy Bros. Circus 1920's #12

This picture from Jim Cole taken at New Port, Rhode Island in 1927.
The man on horseback is Vernon "Slim" Walker.

"Of the 9 elephants, the 3 small ones "Dixie", "Myrtle" and "Venice" were imported by George Christy in 1925. I remember the first two from the Kelly-Miller herd in the 1950's as well as one of the large elephants "Daisy", imported by Gollmar Bros. in 1903.
Christy's first elephant "Babe" was purchased from Mugivan and Bowers in 1920 for his 3-car show and to distinguish her from the many other "Babes" she was listed as "Caradini Babe" after the Vaudeville act she had originally been with.
Three more of the large elephants had a Barnum & Bailey background, "Coco" (a tuskless male) and "Bessie" were purchased by Bailey in the 1890's for the European Tour and the third "Bughouse Alice" was included in a group added for that shows Triumphal Return in 1903.
The final elephant "Rosie" came from Wm. P. Hall and had trouped with such shows as Palmer Bros., Howes Great London (Palmer) and Golden Bros. before coming to Christy in 1925."
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Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the three young ones marching in front of the herd and not tailed up at the end. Also that they are not collar chained to an older reliable elephant. Must have been pretty well handled or well behaved. Note they did not blankets on. Blankets on elephants in parade was a pain. If it was hot they would spit all over them and any little wind would get them flapping. Most of the time the blankets were used to pin some local banner on.

Anonymous said...

For further information contact George W Christy Junior at