Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Belated Happy Birthday #1

What's good for Peter the Great at Bronx zoo is good for Buckles. And welcome to the 72nders Club. I can attest that life is still good at three score and a dozen.

Best Regards
Richard Reynolds

"The reason for the late entry is because if the item comes without a "paper clip" I sometimes have to wait until Shannon is available."
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GaryHill said...

Didn't need to spice it up with hot sauce!

Pat Cashin said...

Happy Birthday Buckles!


Anonymous said...

This is the most dangerous animal on earth. Only the miscito kills more humans.

Anonymous said...

DUMB DUMB and DUMBER I am trying to figure out how a paper clip has anything to do with scanners and e-mail. I knew I was a little slow, but I out did myself on this one. I have silver hair, not blond.