Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This happened a year or so before we joined the Cole Show and was still a topic of conversation.
"Pitt" was imported by the John Robinson Circus in 1900 and was quite small so I would estimate her age to be 46 or 47 at the time of death. The information on the plaque was probably supplied by someone in the Press Department.
The most common question I have received over the years is, "How long do elephants live?" and upon receiving an honest answer, the inquiring party was always disappointed.
Consequently, after seeing this picture and continuing to this very day, I always reply "102" and the conversation ends happily.
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Anonymous said...

What is the locatiom of this marker?
Gordon Taylor

Buckles said...

The Fairgrounds infield at Dillon, Montana.

Peter said...

Thanks for clearing up this mystery for me! I have heard you give this answer many times through our years at CW(M) together, and knowing the truth, having learned from you, it was always amusing to see peoples reaction to the "correct" answer, and the answer they "wanted" to hear!
Pete, the Baraboobian!

Anonymous said...

wasnt old Pitt originally buried in an old cistern?
i read where they had to cut the legs off the carcass to get it in .

Buckles said...

I never heard that.
Having died in a Fairgrounds infield in Montana, I shouldn't think it would be that complicated.