Wednesday, January 31, 2007

From Richard Reynolds

Buckles - - -
A recent photo on your site showed Arnold Maley with others standing in front of the bell wagon. Several years ago I tried to find out just when and where he died. I ran up against a stone wall.
Our local CFA tent is named for him and Dub Duggan.
Maybe one of your site visitors can provide the answer.
Richard Reynolds


Anonymous said...

Richard: Arnold died September 15, 1978, probably at home in Tavares, Florida. I knew Arnold for years and always liked him. My last letter from him is dated April 10, 1978, from Tavares and says the doctor won't let him go back out on the road. He also mentioned that his biggest season was 1950 with King-Cristiani.

Anonymous said...

Arnold Maley lived in Florida, just north of Orlando, and died mid-September 1978. He was born November 17, 1897, and had some children who would now be in their late 70s or older, if alive. I know the late Roger Boyd, Sr., kept in touch with him.

Dick Flint

Anonymous said...

Thanks from Richard Reynolds - -

To Ole Whitey and Dick Flint. Many thanks.