Monday, January 29, 2007

Barnett/Walace 1930's #2

William Woodcock Sr. as a Side Show ticket seller.
On the back of a picture later taken by Tom Parkinson he wrote "Student of Circus History, Elephantology and Side Show Oratory!".
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Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, was selling Side Show ticket "Cherry Pie" on the show or was it to add to family finances? It would seem that the Elephant Dept. persons would be quite busy at the time of the First Opening. yhat is unless the Elephant Supt. had a very competent crew to get ready. Bill Galloway

Buckles said...

By 1936 my father now had a wife and child and had to take work where he could. He was boss canvasman with Joe B. Webb Circus in 1936 and when that show folded moved over to Barnett Bros. as Side Show ticket seller since they already had Tommy Burns in charge of the elephants.
Mac MacDonald had the job for a while and my dad didn't get back around elephants until the 1940's.