Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cole & Walters Circus #7

The elephants with the Hugo Shows always worked twice in the show. Earlier in the program you would see three rings of single elephants. Here is Bob and Billie Grubbs practicing "Daisy".
Actually the show carried four elephants, my dad had trained a smaller elephant (Norma) to do a dinner table number. Posted by Picasa


Buckles said...

This was taken at the Kelly-Miller Quarters where Carson & Barnes still winters today.
There were about 20 elephants in the barn altogether.

Anonymous said...

Bob Grubb was a pretty good trainer of ring stock and broke alot of horses, ponies, liberty and menage for those Hugo Shows.

Anonymous said...

Freezing rain and snow in Hugo today. The 29 elepants at WQ are going to be turning up thermostat in the present barn before three rings load out for Mesquite, TX for three days at the arena closing the Carson & Barnes season

Anonymous said...

Bob and Billie Grubb in the early 60's on Little Bob Steven's Sells Bros. The Grubb's had two straight job trucks,one hauled the four hores (two white, two black) They worked the liberty horses without any harness. At one point during the season the truck that hauled the ring curbs threw a rod and mr Grubb worked the horses in the big top without a ring curb for over a week.I remember him mentioning to Bob Stevens that you can't do this too long as the horses would figure it out. Never the less, it's one thing that stuck in my mind . That along with leading ponies for Harry Rucks. Also I recall the Mrs. doing her sharp shooting act in the show.Spent a long season with them.