Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cole & Walters Circus #1 (Herb Walters)

Mr. Walters came from a Damatic Show background and here we see him in his "Rube" costume with the Walters & Russell's Circus in Greenleaf, Kansas 9/4/44.
He was a long time friend of Obert Miller with whom he went into partnership to create the Cole & Walters Circus in 1950.
For some reason, in the mid 50's the title was changed to Famous Cole and even later to George W. Cole. It certainly wasn't from creating too much heat, if ever there was a Sunday School Show, this was it.
In 1964 under the Silverlakes ownership, the show's final title became the Clark & Walters Circus.

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Anonymous said...

Cole & Walters was out from 1950 - 1953

Anonymous said...

The Silverlakes bought Clark & Walters from Herb mid-season of 67 for ten grand! and got 3 bulls with it, Jess, Norma Jean, and Dixie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these memories, Buckles.

Herb Walters was a very nice, old-time showman. Don't know much about his rep show ventures (assume it was Toby Shows) but remember Famous Cole from the early '60s. and later Clark & Walters.

Anonymous said...

I believe that old time booking agent Tom Mcglaphlin had an interest in the show. pardon my spelling of his name. He did have one third of Tex Carson, along with Dory and Jack Moore before Carson-Barnes. At one time Gus Bell owned part or all of it for a season. Corky Plunkett was supt. and the Plunketts did their acts and vibrant young James ran the Pit Show. Seemed like Herb liked to sell it and then take it back.

Buckles said...

I remember Dick McGlaughlin, as young men in Hugo, we were good friends.
I sometimes wonder if The Old Texan might be he?

Anonymous said...

He was first person who came to mind. Knows too much about so many.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Herb was known to sell and take back his show on several occasions.

Gus Bell had the back end of Clark & Walters in '66 (Herb kept the front end). That's the season the Plunketts were there.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Herb Walters selling the show and taking it back, he dropped dead of a heart attack a couple of days after Josephine Silverlake made the last payment for Clark & Walters to him!!!!!!!

Bobby Fairchild