Saturday, September 23, 2006

Frankie Lou Woods

In the background you can see my dad and Harry Rooks in the back yard prior to the elephant/pony numbers in 1950 with Kelly-Miller.
Frankie Lou, in the foreground, had actually been in the Secret Service in the Army. In the pie car one night, I asked her if she had been an "under-cover" girl and received an icy glare in return. What a wicked blade I was in those days.
If I'm not mistaken, she later married either M.A. or R.A. Miller of Shopping Center Circus fame.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Woodcock,what methods did your father gather information on the various elephants of earlier years?
Did he interview the original handlers and ask them what they knew concerning info handed onto them by previously handlers?

Buckles said...

He had an excellent memory and I'm sure that he picked most of his knowledge thru the exposure to various elephants and every day conversation with contemporaty elephant men.
He read and collected a lot of circus memoribilia, letters, route books, etc. which provided information but
he found out right away that interviews, novels and ghosted biographies were highly unreliable.