Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Follow Up!

Jimmy Cole just sent this, which is a follow up to a previous 1969 picture taken in Baraboo. A combination of the CWM and James Bros. elephants.
"Anna May", "Ellie", "Eva", "Topsy", "Toby", "Lovie", "Sue" and "Jackie".
I notice Jim and Frankie holding their sticks outward in a fashion that would get an ass chewing from my dad. He pointed out to me that elephants will start to come down when the stick is lowered rather than when they are told to.
I might add that I changed the three Kellner punks names to "Louie", "Sid" and "Juno" when they were puchased by the Ringling Show eight years later.


Anonymous said...

Is this the "Juno" that is in El Paso?

Buckles said...

It's the same elephant, if she came from the Ringling Stud Farm. Last time I was around her was 1994 and she had become rather testy.

Anonymous said...

Give a hand to the DOG too. Whats his name? Ben seemed to have a lot of dogs.

Buckles said...


Ryan Easley said...

Did you take the three Kellner elephants on the Blue show with you?