Friday, September 22, 2006

Beatty- Cole Elephants in the 1970's #5

In 1977 we see "Maude", "Frieda" and "Jewel" at left, "Debbie", "Missy" and "Omii" in the center and "Pete", "Sue" and "Helen" at right.

With their two smaller shows the Acme Circus Corp. had "Bessie" and "Topsy" with Sells & Gray Circus and "Konti", "Ola" and "Jackie" with King Bros. Circus.

Sometimes I forget what a grand sight a 150' top is. To the novice that means the tent is 150' across and 300' long. Standard size for a 30 car railroad show and designed to accomodate 5,000 people.


Anonymous said...

A painful number of empty seats - somewhere outside the 150' tent is a promoter promising a better evening crowd to an inflamed Englishman.

Anonymous said...

A grand sight, indeed. The change made from this top over there to the one they have now, to me is unwelcome.