Monday, September 18, 2006

1972 Elephant Pictures #4

John Herriott with an act he had just trained for Hoxie Tucker, "Janet", "Kelly", "Stacy", "Hoxie" and "Betty".

Speaking of John, he and Mary Ruth attended a Bar B-Q hosted at Roy and Cindi Wells' beautiful home last night. Plenty of animal people there, Shannon, Ben and I drove down from Ruskin, Bill and Trudy Strong with Joanne Wilson from Gibtown, Dale Longmire, Ron Morris, Ray McMahon, just to mention a few. And in an official capacity, the Mayor of Gibsonton offered a blessing. Refreshments were served.
Special guests from the celebrated Ken & Nicole Company were Joe Frisco and Billy Morris. Always exciting to try to glean information from that august organization but all attempts failed last night.


Anonymous said...

When did Irene become part of this group?