Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sparks Circus Program 1929 #6

These two gentlemen along with Edward Ballard were owners of the American Circus Corporation. These were the five circuses they owned in 1929.

Hagenbeck- Wallace Circus- C.D. Odom Manager
30 railroad cars, 13 elephants- Cheerful Gardner Supt.

Sells-Floto Circus- Zack Terrell Manager
30 railroad cars, 11 elephants- Clyde Baudendistl Supt., Emory Stiles Menagerie Supt.

Al G. Barnes Circus- Buster Cronin Manager
30 railroad cars, 9 elephants- E.W. Jackson Supt.

John Robinson Circus- Jess Adkins Manager
25 railroad cars, 12 elephants- Ferris Cline Supt., Bert Noyes Menagerie Supt.

Sparks Circus- H.B. Gentry Manager
20 railroad cars, 9 elephants- Walter McLain Supt.

This shows the magnitude of their operation, fielding a combined total of 135 cars of circus equipment and 54 elephants, far outsizing Ringling Bros.- Barnum & Bailey Circus.

All of this was sold to John Ringling on Sept. 10, 1929 just weeks before the Stock Market Crash.