Monday, July 10, 2006

Zellmar Bros. Circus 1926 #5

Tillie Keys at left and Mrs. Sims with "Ruth", Engesser's first elephant. It looks to be about a 70' push pole big top in the background.

1925 Wm. P. Hall Animal Farm
1926-27 Zellmar Bros. Circus
1928-38 Schell Bros. Circus
1938-68 Little Rock, Ark. Zoo
(Died in Nov. of 1968)

By 1939 the show had four elephants "Ruth", "Mary" and two punks "Patsy" and "Bolo" (a male).


Bob Cline said...

Can you tell me anything about Patsy? She's a new one for me. I had Bolo so I'm not sure how I missed her.

Anonymous said...

I had been wondering if you knew anything about a circus elephant named Ruth at the Little Rock Zoo and here she is! She was "my" elephant!! I was born in 1937 and we lived just a few blocks from the zoo. As a small child we went every Sunday and took an apple, which we quartered, and I fed it to Ruth. After a while she would see us coming and head for the railing. In those days there was just a low railing separating us from the different animals. Each year the zoo had a huge Birthday Party for Ruth and WE got to eat the cake. When I got older I went to the zoo to see her several times a week.
We moved away in 1953 but I saw her one last time in 1962 when I took my 4 year old daughter to see MY Elephant Ruth. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.