Monday, July 24, 2006

William Newman #1

Newman worked as a hand in the P.T. Barnum elephant department 1877 thru 1880 and was Arstingstall's assistant duing the Jumbo years.
He took over the Barnum & London herd in 1886 after Jumbo's death and was in charge off and on, throughout the Barnum & Bailey European tour 1898 thru 1902.
Tusker in the picture is "Fritz".


Anonymous said...

Only 3 elephants of the
Barnum and Bailey herd of 24 were taught to stand on their heads.
Babe,Lena and Columbia.
also to give you an idea what an elephant cost back in 1895.
According to a newspaper article published back then interviwing George Conklin,
An"ordinary elephant was worth
3 to 4 thousand dollars.
John L. the boxing elephant $5,000.
Dick and Fritz $6,000. each
Baby Ruth,not less the 2 thousand.