Saturday, July 08, 2006

Epilog/ RBBB Blue Show 1995

This picture was taken early the next season when we showed Florence, SC. A big day since Big Apple Circus was wintering there and everyone visited, I assured Mr. Binder that I would be back in the Fall.
Erik Jaeger took this picture of his son on "Romeo".
During the 8 day lay-off in Orlando, I had the two mother cows "Alana" and "Icky" sent home to Williston along with their stock pen which I replaced with a wooden deck for the punks to stand on. I had just enough time to get them laid down and sat up before we went out on the '95 tour. Most importantly tho, we no longer needed the transport wagon since "Romeo" and "Juliet would now march to the train with their adopted mothers "Siam" and "Calcutta" and see what the world contained beside themselves.


Anonymous said...

how old were Romeo & Juliet at this point

Buckles said...

Juliet was born 12/30/92 and Romeo 1/10/93.

Anonymous said...

Am going to try and remember your pose next time I'm beside you getting a photo taken. Upon your return to the Ringling show during a visit, I recall you quoting Julius Caeser on his triumphant return to Rome from Egypt. " Damn I don't remember it being that far around the hippodrome track. Once again Congratulations to all concernced on the family newcomer!