Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jean Allen #4

Someone wrote on the back of this picture "Jean Allen and "Boo" I don't know about that, "Boo" was not at all trustworthy and besides it looks like "Big Babe" to me, Jean's favorite elephant.


1901 Great Syndicate Shows
1902-05 Sells & Downs Circus
1906-09 Cole Bros. Circus (Martin Downs)
1910 Alf Wheeler Circus
1911-13 Downie & Wheeler Circus
1914-17 LaTena Circus (Andrew Downie)
1918-24 Walter L. Main Circus (Andrew Downie)
1925-31 101 Ranch Wild West
1932-34 Ranch Herd Independent Act
1935-50 Cole Bros. Circus
1951-53 Chicago Stadium Corp. Independent Acts
1954-55 King Bros. Circus
1956 Paul Kelly Animal Farm
(Died in the summer of 1956)