Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ringling-Barnum Circus 1950 #3

Elephants unloading in the morning, this was Arky Scott's first season having come from the Cole Show. The herd was comprised of 28 Asian females.


Anonymous said...

Benny Bennett, out here at the Compound, told me a story I've heard several times since. Seems the Cole show elephant men felt it was too hard working for Arky, so they scrounged up enough money and sent Arky an entirely unauthorized telegram inviting him to join out on Ringling. Arky believed it and showed up in Sarasota with his suitcase, and the phony telegram. There had been some disagreement with the previous trainer, and Arky was hired on the spot. It was a stroke of fortune for him, since the Cole show closed in 1950, and DeMille paid him well for six months work on the movie.

Dan H said...

Is Arky Scott the one who "Brad" askes to take over the act after "Klouse" tries to kill "Angel" with Minyak in TGSOE?

Anonymous said...

That was him. He also was given a couple of lines in the picture. He had some terrific stories to tell about that movie.