Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ringling-Barnum Circus 1950 #1

I was surprised from yesterday's comments that a few of you were unaware of the Art Concello seat wagons on the Ringling Show from 1948-56.
They were 36' long, two to a flat car and when completed, there were 28 in all.
It was by no means a simple matter tho, once each wagon was transformed, short metal stringers had to be added by hand to reach from the front of the wagon to the ground and like the previous seating, lots of wooden blocks required to balance things out.
While being put up and taken down the noise was deafening from all that metal on metal.
I've been told that little time if any was saved by this method but on the plus side, they couldn't fall down, all seats were counted and it afforded a better view of the show.