Sunday, May 14, 2006

Perl Souder #3

One of the most memorable events during Souder's career was the delivery of "Vanita" from the Hagenbeck Zoo in 1903 along with her nursing calf. The Ringlings couldn't resist the temptation of announcing she was born in winter quarters, hence the name "Baby Baraboo".
She eventually developed an evil disposition and was sold to Wm. P. Hall in 1911 who leased her to a variety of shows until she was sold by the Hall Estate to the new Cole Bros. Circus in 1935.
My father was around her (now called "Boo") when he worked for Hall and told me of many adventures they had.

BOO (Baby Baraboo)
1903-10 Ringling Bros. Circus
1911-14 Wm. P. Hall AnimalFarm
1915 Barton & Bailey Circus
1916 Wheeler Bros. Circus
1917-18 R.T. Richards Circus
1919 Wm. P. Hall Animal Farm
1920-22 Campbell, Bailey & Hutchinson Circus
1923 World Bros. Circus (Buchanan)
1924-26 Robbins Bros. Circus (Buchanan)
1927 Cook & Cole Circus
1928-34 Wm. P. Hall Animal Farm
1935-37 Cole Bros. Circus
1938 San Diego Zoo (Died in 1938)


Buckles said...

I just received a Ken & Nicole press release from Don Covington announcing the birth of another calf at the Stud Farm.
A children's contest will be held to select a name which will be being something like "Flugsnort", the people that work around her will call her "Myrtle" and if it was up to me I would name her "Baby Baraboo". Would that be so awful?

Anonymous said...

You forgot some of those adventures you dad told you about Boo!

GaryHill said...

Buckles, does Vanita have heavy ivory or is that daylight over the babies back?

Buckles said...

No, she had no ivory at all.
Oddly enough, she went back to Germany in 1921 along with 3 more elephants since the Hagenbeck's stock had been depleted during World War I.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Allen refered to Boo as a Koomeriah,except for her atitude,which was, she could be extremly well behaved then all the sudden turn dangerous,particularly after new keepers were lulled into a false state of secruity with her.

Anonymous said...
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