Thursday, May 25, 2006


Ben and "Anna May" at Lincoln Center 1982.


Joe Berenguer said...

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Buckles said...

I deliberately left this Pet Center spam on the Blog as a reminder that I get a slight stipend from Google every time someone clicks on the ads seen at the top of the page or in the left column.
It certainly isn't as tho I "need" the money but Shannon keeps ragging me.

Buckles said...

I don't really think that Pet Center is impressed with my Blog at all!

Bob Cline said...

It really doesn't matter if they are impressed or not. We are!

Anonymous said...

This photo looks like something out of a George Lucas Si Fi Movie - with Ben & Anna May prepaired to transport to some other Place & Time. It makes me recall how versatile , ambidextorious , tallented , gracefull , patient , trusting etc. Anna May was allowing Ben & Barbera do all those stunts on , with & around her. WOW - What a Troupe !

Dan H said...

Off Subject: what is the deal with Jim's blog. No posts in like a week. Did I miss something, is it just my comp or what?

Anonymous said...

Buckles... Spam is the pestilence of the new world. I ran my website for a year and gave it up rather than dealing with the constant battle against the spammers. I hope you never quit blogging, and I hope everyone appreciates all the work you do, not only on the published pages, but behind the scenes as well.
Ron Perry

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for a video of Baby Kay's hind leg walk. Where does Buckles find the time?

Buckles said...

Baby Kay is 11 months old today and the record so far is 13 steps but closely resembling her Grandfather exiting ths Showfolks Club on Saturday night.
She seems to have gotten away from that lately by leaning against the wall or moving from object to object for support. Makes pretty good time tho.
Her Grandmother understands every word she says but to me it again resembles my speech while exiting the Showfolks Club on Saturday night.