Wednesday, May 24, 2006

From Eric Beheim/ Adele Nelson elephants #1

These next two items from Eric Beheim indicate that their first job in the U.S in 1931 was touring with Fanchon & Marco's CIRCUS DAYS, a stage show. Rather than coming from the newspapers Mr. Beheim found these in a magazine published by West Coast Theaters called THE LAST WORD and was designed for publicity people and their nefarious gimmicks.

"Large crowds and splendid art breaks in the Los Angeles papers greeted this stunt of Publicity Director Bill Thomas at the Pantages Hollywood Theater. The elephants from Fanchon & Marco's CIRCUS DAYS idea were paraded down to a local audio wash laundry where they were given a good watery going-over."

No idea they had car washes in 1931. Evidently Mr. Reed didn't either since he has a leg chain on the elephant, it must have made quite a racket. Standing at right is Adele Nelson and she looks wetter than the elephant.