Monday, May 29, 2006

From Don Curtis #1

As you can see Concello's seat wagons were spotted heading in toward the rings and once the sides were unfolded upward and the front ends of the vehicle lowered, they made a dressing area right beneath the public all around the tent.
Feature acts had private dressing rooms as indicated by the steps going up into the back end of the seat wagon (high and dry) and side wall was hung between the wagons for everyone else.
The only thing wrong with this this arrangement was it was unbearably hot with no ventilation and rather than a neat profile of the Big Top, you got this tenament apartment effect.
The performers of course lived on the train at night.


Anonymous said...

I really love the way you write Buckles. Book please!

Anonymous said...

klsdad here..
Wow.. very interesting photo!
Looks like the back of a truck where the stairs are leading up and into. Guess it's the "high and dry"!

Are the buckets for fire..or for the girl's act who is posing? Is that her Mother partly hidden by the canvas. It that a very tall man on the right??

klsdad wonders....

Buckles said...

Each performer had a couple of buckets the water wagon would come around and refill from time to time.
Therein contained your bath, laundry, etc. No posing here.

Anonymous said...

Can you see the names on the buckets? Everyone got two on Kelly Miller. One to bath and one to rinse. At least that is what I was told and what I did. Useing Gene's Stetson for a bath matt was not a good thing.

Anonymous said...
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