Friday, May 26, 2006

Carl Hagenbeck Animal Catalog #1

These first two pictures come from a Hagenbeck Catalog I have, dated Nov. 1911 and lists the various animal acts for sale.
It was printed in English and notes Sol A. Stephan of the Cincinnati Zoo as sole agent for North America. The front cover states, "Carl Hagenbeck Stellingen near Hamburg (Germany)".
Beneath this picture is not only particulars of each animal but a complete desciption of the act's routine in every detail.


Anonymous said...

What was the listed price for an act like this?

Buckles said...

They only listed prices on individual animals, hippos went for $4,500 and large trained elephants $3,000 and smaller , untrained elephants $2,500.
One 5' tall African elephant was only $1,500.
No prices listed for the acts but interested parties were referred to Mr. Stephan in Cincinnati who would, no doubt, be more familiar with the financial capabilities of the inquirees.

Anonymous said...

Prices aren't that cheap considering the times. Even in recent times (1960's) you could put together an act with 3 baby elephants for under 10 grand. Even if you could buy them, could you imagine what it would cost to buy 3 babies today? I was living in Columbus, Ohio in the early 70's and a local pet store was advertising that they could supply you with any 'pet'. Their ad offered a baby bull elephant for $3,000. Also listed lion cubs, baby chimps ($800)and wolves. Times sure have changed.

Anonymous said...

Buckles, I hope you'll be posting more pictures and info from the catalog. What an interesting bit of history.