Sunday, May 21, 2006

Al G. Barnes Circus Program 1935 #4

This was a full page Coca Cola ad in the program featuring Martin and Asa Johnson whose documentary films were very popular.
I'm sure you Elephant Historians know that the Coca Cola Co. owned four young elephants in
Atlanta which they used for publicity, they later sold them to Downie Bros. Circus in 1934 where they were named "Marian", "Addie", "Cora" and "Inez" and were thereafter always referred to as the "Coke bulls", ("Addie" was named after Addie Sparks the show owners wife but for some reason, over the years it turned into "Hattie".)
Maybe Richard Reynolds could make mention of them since he an Atlanta native.


Anonymous said...

Does Bill Morris out of Gib-town Still have his Cora

Buckles said...

No this "Cora" eventually wound up with the Beatty Show where she remained thru 1959, then Beers-Barnes Circus 1960-66 and finally to Hoxie Bros. Circus where she died in 1968.

Anonymous said...

Bill Morris still has his Cora, along with an African, by the name of Shannon.

Anonymous said...

BTW ,Asa Candler purchased the elephants from the John T. Benson animal farm.

Anonymous said...

Richard Reynolds says - - -

This young African elephant was flown to the St. Louis zoo.