Saturday, April 15, 2006

Clyde Beatty Circus 1945 #5

Elephants lined up for spec which would include the three that Mr. Beatty received from the Cole Show in 1938 in lieu of backwages "Mary", "Sidney" and "Anna May" seen carrying the riding tiger howdah second from right (not to be confused with my Anna May). As well as the five that came with the purchase of the Wallace Show "Babe", "Marian", "Hattie", "Cora" and "Inez". The last four were the Coke Herd (Cocoa Cola Elephants).
After his first year of sole ownership Mr. Beatty decided to return to Mr. Concello in 1946, under the previous arrangement, who by now had mounted Russell Bros. Circus on rails. This gave the show 13 elephants so the Russell Bros. elephants were sold to Kelly-Miller "Margaret", "Elsie", "Daisy", "Dixie" and "Myrtle".

Re-reading this it comes out very complicated but the hard core elephant buff may be able to make sense out of it.


GaryHill said...

Sidney's ivory looks like it grows straight down?

Buckles said...

At first glance I thought it was ivory but it's actually something white on the blanket of the elephant standing next to her. Sidney was a female named for one of Wm. P. Hall's daughters.

GaryHill said...

OK I can see that when I double clicked on the picture! Thanks Capt!