Friday, January 13, 2006

To ToddP

This act was brought over in 1950 by Baptiste Schreiber and shows "Lelabardi" at left and "Manula" striking the board. Unfortunately it only lasted one season since "Manula" died in Cuba the following winter while appearing at the Ringling winter engagement in Havana.
Now being of little use, "Lelabardi" was sold to Mills Bros. Circus and eventually went to Mexico with the rest of the herd after the Mills Show went off the road.


Anonymous said...

If there is a route card or program for the years 1960, 61 as to where the clowns played it would be helpful. I will check as best as I can. As long as it does not take away from my elephant duties. The Winter dates thatI the played for Kelly Miller might help. I had been searching for a date of a persons death so I could search the files at the court house. They charge you a fortune to look these things up. I called the cematery and the nicest man there looked the records up and I got the date of the death. from his tomestone. This historical searching that I have done for THE book has showed me many ways to find what I want to know. I will be damed if I will not find a clown with green eyelashes, short.30 years of age and very nice person. Driving a Cadilac. in 1960 or 61. NUF SED

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the picture of the Baptiste Schreiber act. I've often seen references to the "Baptiste Schreiber acrobatic elephants" and never knew exactly what that meant --- until today.

Buckles said...

I have another of him working musical elephants with RBBB in 1956 the year the show closed.