Saturday, January 21, 2006

"Rosie O'Grady's" Epilogue

Is this Cindy Mason? I've misplaced all my old dance cards.

By the way, I may have been mistaken on the dates of my CFA invitation. On closer inspection it appears to be May of 2007, who would have thought people our age would plan that far ahead. No problem tho, I'll be right here just the same.


Buckles said...

You know, we showed the Garden for 12 weeks in those days, almost three full months. Now it's down to something like 17 days but after the New Yorkers see the offering that's on the way I'm sure it will build back up in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Aha ; Here's The Captain Foxtrotten or should I say, Heres The Captain Trotten with a Fox ! anyway - this isn't Cindy Mayson who IS on Ana May in The CIRCUS WORLD brochure photo yesterday - I forget this lasses name BUT I believe she worked the Magic Show - maken magic.

Anonymous said...

The new Blue Unit is such a spectacle of Shock and Awe, surely the Knicks will be displaced from the heaven above Penn Station and circus will reign triumphant year round as once envisioned by Coup and Barnum when the Garden was still someplace near Madison Sq