Wednesday, December 07, 2005

No one today can train tricks like I once did!


Anonymous said...

From the Aug. 4,1956 Billboard--

Beatty Owners Mull Adding 5 Rail Cars;
R-B in Barn; Acts, Bosses Seek New Spots!
Leonard Bros. Playing Fair In Chicago;
Maley Seeking To Open Again; Barney Closes

Anonymous said...

From the Aug. 11,1956 Billboard--
Bids on Calliopes Received in Macon; Macon, Ga.--More than a dozen bids were submitted on a steam calliope and a air calliope offered for sale here by Durwood Mercer, trustee of King Bros. circus equipment for the federal court;
Mrs. Maley Forming Company For Operation of New Circus;
Rochelle Big For Leonard; Chicago Weak.

Anonymous said...

From the Aug. 18,1956 Billboard--
Beatty Staff Takes Shape; Dates Set
Groscurth Show Bid Wins King Steam Calliope;
Dolly Jacobs In W. Canada With Carnival;
Milwaukee Journal Buys Atwell Photos for Museum;
Benny the Bum and Johnny Walker have the sno-cones on Kelly-Miller.
Fred and Ricky Pfening visited Kelly-Miller in Indiana.