Thursday, December 01, 2005

Minyak and Sabu

Hi Bunni,
Minyak and Sabu came from the Hagenbeck Zoo where they appeared in a five act "Kernaudi", "Minyak", "Mudu", "Sabu" and "Icky" where they were presented by Hugo Schmitt.
Hugo once told me that as the Allied bombing intensified in Germany he often spent the night with them under a concrete overpass nearby waiting for the all clear signal.
Hugo and the elephants were soon shipped out of the country into neutral Sweden with hopes they would be returned after the war but such was not the case, they were confiscated by the Swedish Government and eventually sold to the Ringling Show in 1947.
In 1961 the Ringling Show sent a unit to South America and "Minyak" and "Sabu" were included but on their return were both sold to Hoxie-Bartok Circus in 1962 (I might add that Hugo never owned these elephants) and thenUnited Nations Circus in 1963. (Same show?)
They were sold to D.R. Miller in 1964 and "Minyak" died shortly after arriving in Oklahoma and "Sabu" died a year later after being leased to Carson & Barnes Circus (owned by Jack Moore) for that season.

Hugo added that "Minyak" had a calf while in the Hagenbeck Zoo and that he touched it before Minyak did. Today I hear that with so many calves being born in captivity, that is almost always the case.


Anonymous said...

This is the "Minyak" that was in the 1950's movie 'The Greatest Show on Earth' ? And do you have any other pictures that have "our" Minyak in them in her younger days? I'd love to see some if that wouldn't be a problem, I like learning the histories of all our elephants

Ryan Easley said...

Who took the unit to South America and which elephants were included?

Chic Silber said...

The United Nations Circus was a

small short lived tent show that

was framed by several of the

Cristianis after their big tent

show (Cristiani Wallace) closed