Friday, November 11, 2005

Jungleland #3

The winter of 1947-48 Obert, Kelly and D.R. Miller went to the Ringling Quarters in Sarasota and bought four elephants "Babe", "Vic", "Jess" and "Emma" for $2,000 apiece. Shortly after returning to Hugo they sold "Babe" (Cross Country Babe) to Curley Vernon (United Exposition Shows) and "Emma" to Louis Goebel, each for $4,000. In other words the Millers wound up with two free elephants. They called Concello to see if they had any more elephants for sale but having heard of the transaction he politely declined.
This is Oliver Davies, I never met him but Logan says they were together on the Ringling Show.


Anonymous said...

Where these elephants trained before the Millers bought them? Did they have them trained before their being sold for $4,000

Buckles said...

No, these were elephants well past their prime and had been with circuses for many years.
In fact D.R. told me there were 12 and they tried to buy them all but Concello said no, only four to a customer.

Anonymous said...

Jeez if only those "Well past their prime" deals were still out there I could open a year round elephant ride in Norfolk VA across from P@TA HQs!

Anonymous said...

According to a October 1955 newspaper article,
"Old Emma" went "beserk' while filming the Andy Devine television show(I dont know the details though).

Ryan Easley said...

I have found a similar article. It states that Old Emma bolted during filming. Both her trainer William Gamble and actor Vitto Scotti were injured and hospitalized. They claim a heavy pack she was carrying loosened and fell over her head.