Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Diamond O Ranch #3

Diano bought his first Asian elephants in 1952 "Calcutta" and "Mysore" from the Hamid-Morton Circus and later in the year imported these three punks shown after being trained by Rex Williams. This brought his herd up to seven all of which, including much of the Diamond O menagerie, were taken to Gonzales, Texas the following spring to form the Diano Bros. Circus with Ben Davenport.
When the animals returned to Canton in the fall Diano had purchased the young male "Tommy".


Anonymous said...

This group look like the Mighty Mights. That spot on the leg of the baby on the right must be on the photo as it is a black and white photo. Is there a special person to make head pieces?

Anonymous said...

The Mitie Mites were trained by Smokey Jones, and would have been much later than 1952. I believe they were imported in the mid-60s when Murray got them.