Sunday, October 16, 2005

Poetic License #1

We have had a bit of a dispute over the number of elephants taken to Australia by Cooper & Bailey. For accuracy in cases like this I always refer to the Publicity Department.
The final word is, they took 20 elephants, a like number of camels and 100 performers.
Actually, I read in the route book that the big top was a 135' round end with a 50' middle piece making it about the same size as the Big Apple top.


Anonymous said...

The W.W Cole circus also went on a voyage to Australia and New Zealand in 1880 returning to San Francisco in 1881.
Would you know which elephants went on that voyage.
I think the Sells Bros. show also made a tour to Australia in 1890.
I wonder if any of those circusus left behind any elephants there for the zoo's in Australia or New Zealand?